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Master Excel. On Your Mac.

The Excel Skin makes it easy to be proficient and efficient in Excel for Mac.

Powerful shortcuts. At your fingertips.

Time-saving shortcuts are presented on a comfortable keyboard skin.

Shortcut and modifier keys are color-coded, so even advanced combinations clear and easy to execute.

Battle-tested. Banker approved.

Featured shortcuts are vetted by power-users and professionals. Categories include formulas and functions, formatting, navigational efficiencies, and menu selection. You won’t just save time, you’ll be learning from the pros.

Great for teams

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Just what I needed!

"I was good using excel shortcuts for PC and was frustrated to be so slow on Mac. Now I am learning them as I use them thanks to the Excel Skin." -Mariana

A must have for MBAs

"If you're pursuing finance, building valuation models, or just simply love excel, Excel Skin will increase your productivity in no time. The shortcuts are very useful." -Jeremy

Holy Shi*t this is AWESOME

"I had no idea all these shortcuts existed in Mac Excel! I'm working twice as fast now. Plus the Excel Skin saved my computer from an errant Miller High Life last night." -Stephen, Sales Executive and Columbia MBA

Works on my UK keyboard!

"The Excel Skin fits my UK keyboard too! Cheers!" -Matt, Harvard MBA

Excel Skin

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