• Master Excel. On All Your Macs.

Professional shortcuts at your fingertips.

Save time. In no time.

The Excel Skin makes it easy to be proficient and efficient in Excel for Mac 2011. Powerful shortcuts are presented intuitively on a comfortable silicone keyboard cover. Shortcut names and modifier keys are color-coded, so even advanced combinations are clear and easy execute. To learn more, read Using Your Excel Skin on our blog.

Efficiency in Mac Excel is just the beginning. For many current and potential Mac users, Excel is the only thing keeping them tied to Windows. The Excel Skin empowers you to say goodbye to expensive virtualization software and duplicate copies of Microsoft Office. Freedom feels good.

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Shortcuts that Matter.

The Excel Skin emphasizes shortcuts most valued by power users of Excel on Wall Street, in leading consulting firms, and data scientist roles. In other words, they are battle-tested and banker-approved. Categories include formulas and functions, formatting, navigational efficiencies, and menu selection. With the Excel Skin, you won’t just save time, you’ll be learning from the pros.

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Fits like a Glove. Types like a Dream.

The Excel Skin is made from flexible high grade silicone, the same material used in medical tubes. It’s extremely thin and durable. For the best possible typing experience, the Excel Skin is treated with an anti-dust coating that also gives keys just the right amount of grip. And if this weren’t enough, the thermal stability of the Excel Skin’s unique silicone means it blocks heat, helping to make those extended work sessions more tolerable by reducing keyboard temperature.

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Protects Your Computer. And You.

Thanks to the rare properties of our silicone, the Excel Skin repels water and other liquids, offering protection from spills, debris, and wear and tear. Cleaning the Excel Skin is easy, which is a good thing because studies have shown that keyboards harbor lots of bacteria. Just rinse it with soap and water.

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Works on both sides of the Atlantic.

Is your Enter key rectangular or L-Shaped? It doesn’t matter. The Excel Skin is compatible with both US and ISO keyboard layouts.

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Works on my European keyboard!

"I don't know if you meant to design it like this, but the Excel Skin fits my UK keyboard too. Cheers!"

Great to Type on!

"I started using this at work because my company had all Apple computers and I was used to Excel for PC. Changed my life. Or at least my job. As a bonus, this thing is really great to type on....

Holy Sh*t this is AWESOME

"I had no idea all these shortcuts existed in Mac Excel! I'm working twice as fast now. Plus the Excel Skin saved by computer from an errant Miller High Life last night!"  -Stephen, Sales Executive and Columbia MBA

Huge Potential

"I think you are underestimating the potential for the Excel Skin. I think I'm actually faster in Excel now on a Mac than I was on a PC at work."  -Atul, Harvard MBA '2013 and former private equity associate