Hiding and Unhiding Columns using Excel on a Mac

January 18, 2013


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We’re a team of problem solvers, world travelers, idea guys, and doers, working to make using Excel on a Mac a better experience.

That’s enough about us -- whether you are new to Excel for Mac or an experienced user, you probably want to spend less time manipulating data and more time thinking. The Excel Skin will help you do that. If you are a PC user hesitant about switching to Mac because you don’t want to give up your customized menus and shortcuts, well, the Excel Skin just might be the myth-buster you need. Excel for Mac is just as capable as it is for the PC. And with the Excel Skin, you’ll relearn your old shortcuts in no time.

The Excel Skin makes it easy to be as proficient and efficient in Excel for Mac as on any other platform. Powerful shortcuts are presented intuitively on an elegant silicone keyboard skin. Shortcut and modifier keys are printed by color and heat fused onto our high quality silicone to ensure durability.

The Excel Skin a small product that will make a big difference in your life.


Hiding and Unhiding Columns

The shortcuts of the week are how to hide and unhide columns.

Hiding Columns:

Step 1: Select the column you wish to hide by clicking on the B in this example.

Step 2: Using the Excel Skin as a guide, press the following keys:


The “Hide Column” shortcut is very simple. It only uses one modifier key and the 0 key.  Taking a quick look at your Excel Skin you can see that the “control” modifier key is the only modifier key that has yellow text.  This is helpful to remember when looking at other yellow text shortcuts.  

Unhiding Columns:

After hiding a column it may seem gone forever, but have no fear.  Unhiding a column is just as easy as hiding one.  

Step 1: Select the columns on either side of the column you hid.  For example above we hid the B column, so to unhide B we select both the A and C columns.

Step 2: Once again using your Excel Skin as a guide, press the following keys:


The “Unhide Column” shortcut is the same as the “Hide Column” shortcut + the “Shift” modifier key.  Luckily you don’t have to memorize that because the Excel Skin easily maps it out for you! 

Hiding columns is useful for a plethora of reasons.  Maybe your worksheet has information you don’t want others to see, or perhaps the column is holding data in your endless spreadsheet that is just a necessary annoyance. Hidden columns can also serve the purpose of hiding formulas without messing with their functions.  The “Unhide Column” shortcut is used for those times that your hidden information needs to come out of hiding for editing and modifications.  

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