Selecting cells related to a formula in the active cell

February 16, 2013


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How to highlight the cells related to a selected formula

This shortcut provides a very useful tool for those working with a plethora of formulas in their spreadsheets.  It will highlight all the cells that are involved in the formula of the active cell you have selected.  In the following steps the shortcut's effectivness will be more transparent.

Step 1: For this shortcut you must have a working formula in your spreadsheet.  I will demonstrate with the =SUM formula. 

Step 2: Select the cell that contains the formula.

To double-check there is a formula present in the cell, glance up at the function box. For this example my function box reads:

Step 3: Now that I have selected a cell with a formula in it I can execute the “Referenced” shortcut to see all cells that correspond with this formula.


Result: All the cells that are involved in my =SUM formula are now highlighted in the spreadsheet.  

This shortcut is especially useful in large seas of data when it may be hard to pinpoint all the cells related to a specific formula. 

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Travis Daley
Travis Daley

February 14, 2017

AWESOME! Even works when you select multiple cells with formulas. Making it easier to spot cells in the raw data that were missed!


August 04, 2016

Thanks Alot. This is an excellent shortcut, which will help me so much on my Year End Audit Work. I will be sharing this with other people.

Keep it up.

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