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April 19, 2013

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Inserting the AutoSum formula

The “AutoSum” shortcut is one of those shortcuts that you don’t think about because Microsoft Excel has the AutoSum shortcut on the toolbar by default.  You only learn it once you realize the amount of time you can save by keeping your hands on the keyboard and away from that cumbersome mouse.  One of the great features that the “AutoSum” shortcut does is it selects the entire row or column that corresponds to the active cell you executed the shortcut in.  In the next steps this will become clearer.  

Step 1: If you are even thinking about using this shortcut, you will need multiple cells with numeric values in them, and you will be looking for their total.  Having said that, step 1 is to select the cell you wish the sum to appear in.

In this example I intend on having the sum of this column appear in the active cell directly under the column.

Step 2: Execute shortcut.  The “AutoSum” shortcut can be found on the “T” key and is written in green text.  By taking a glance at the Excel Skin’s modifier keys we can confirm there are 2 modifier keys that have the corresponding green color.  These keys are the “shift” and “command” key.  Therefore our shortcut is:


Once we execute this shortcut Excel will select the cells it believes you are trying to sum.  

And Excel was right! These are the cells I am trying to add up.  

*If there are cells outside this selected region I can select them by dragging the corners of the selected region, or by holding the “command” key and selecting the cells individually.  

Since the “AutoSum” shortcut was correct in selecting that column for me I press the "Enter" key and the sum appears in the active cell.

The sum is 63.

This shortcut is very useful if you have a tendency to use the AutoSum feature of Microsoft Excel for Mac a lot.  Instead of taking your hands off the keyboard and clicking the AutoSum button on the toolbar you can execute this 3 key shortcut and move onto your next task seamlessly.  

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