Do you Strikethrough?

June 08, 2013


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Do you Strikethrough? 


The strikethrough function in Microsoft Excel, and any other program for that matter, is still a mystery to me.  Back in my middle school days a little whiteout/delete button was the best practice for removing mistaken words from a sentence.  So what in the world is strikethrough used for?! 


My mindset changed a few days ago when I was going through a bank account at work and looking for unapplied payments.  My first idea was to highlight all the payments that were unapplied so they would easily pop out at me.  Unfortunately time is money, and this project needed to be completed by the end of the day.    The couple of seconds it took to use my mouse and select the highlight shortcut on my toolbar was adding up to minutes, and I needed a new system.


Our office "Excel Guru" showed me how to utilize the “strikethrough” shortcut so I didn’t have to take my hand off the keyboard at all, greatly reducing the time it took to complete the task. Instead of highlighting unapplied payments, I strikethrough-ed all applied payments so the unapplied stood out, unstirred.  


Here’s how to do it!


Step 1: Like the majority of Excel shortcuts, you must start on an active cell.  What is nice about the “strikethrough” function is you can apply it to cells that do not have any data yet, so if you enter data into those cells they will automatically have the strikethrough formatting applied to them.  



Step 2: Now that we have a cell selected we can execute the “strikethrough” shortcut.  If we take a look at our Excel Skin we will see “strikethrough” lands on the “X” key, and is printed in green text.  Our corresponding modifier keys are therefore “shift” and “command”.  The full shortcut is “shift” + “command” + “X” simultaneously.  



Step 3: Executing the shortcut will produce a line through the data of the active cell.  


Now we can go through this list of payments, strike through the applied ones and have the unapplied un-striked.


What are some ways you use the “strikethrough” shortcut?


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