Cycling through Workbooks with Lightning Speed

June 23, 2013


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We’re a team of problem solvers, world travelers, idea guys, and doers, working to make using Excel on a Mac a better experience.

That’s enough about us -- whether you are new to Excel for Mac or an experienced user, you probably want to spend less time manipulating data and more time thinking. The Excel Skin will help you do that. If you are a PC user hesitant about switching to Mac because you don’t want to give up your customized menus and shortcuts, well, the Excel Skin just might be the myth-buster you need. Excel for Mac is just as capable as it is for the PC. And with the Excel Skin, you’ll relearn your old shortcuts in no time.

The Excel Skin makes it easy to be as proficient and efficient in Excel for Mac as on any other platform. Powerful shortcuts are presented intuitively on an elegant silicone keyboard skin. Shortcut and modifier keys are printed by color and heat fused onto our high quality silicone to ensure durability.

The Excel Skin a small product that will make a big difference in your life.


Messing around with multiple workbooks in Microsoft Excel for Mac can sometimes be a pain.  I am stuck in the bad habit of pressing “command” + “tab” to cycle through applications in hopes that it will cycle through my MS Excel worksheets but that’s not how it works.  The Excel Skin maps out “command” + “tab” = “Cycle thru: Applications” but if we take a second to inspect our “tab” key we can see it also has an option to cycle through workbooks. Excellent! Now lets put this tab key to work.


Step 1: The only prerequisite to performing this shortcut is to have two or more workbooks open and at least one active at the time you execute the shortcut.  More simply you need multiple workbooks and MS Excel has to be the active application.  


Step 2: Execute the shortcut.  This shortcut resides on the “tab” key and in yellow text.  Taking a look at our modifier keys we can see there is only one modifier key that has the corresponding yellow text.  Therefore our shortcut is:



Step 3: Executing the shortcut will switch from the active workbook to the next.  If you have only two workbooks open this shortcut will keep switching back and forth between the two.  If there are more than two workbooks open it will cycle from the first to the last workbook, and then back to the first in a loop.  


This is extremely useful when working with multiple workbooks.  The time it takes to drag one workbook over so you can see the other one is ridiculous. The “Cycle Thru: Workbooks” shortcut is the only efficient way of switching back and forth between workbooks.  


Although I am still stuck in the bad habit of “command” + “tab”, which just switches applications and wastes more time, my goal of the week is to make the “control” + “tab” shortcut embedded in the Excel side of my brain. 


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