Inserting Pictures in Microsoft Excel for Mac

June 29, 2013

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The Media Browser: 

Have you ever inserted a picture into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? You probably used your mouse, clicked the “Insert” menu, and proceeded to the “photo” option.  Luckily there’s a shortcut for that!  

Step 1: The “Media Browser” function does not require an active cell.  All you need is an open Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 

Step 2: Execute the “Media Brower” shortcut.  This can be found on the “M” key in orange text.  Taking a quick glance at the Excel Skin modifier keys we can see “control” and “command” both have the corresponding color.  Therefore our shortcut is:


Step 3: The Media Browser will now pop up:


From here you can browse the picture files on your computer and find the one you wish to insert into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Once you have found the right picture double-click it. This will open the picture in the lower portion of the Media Browser.  


Step 4: Drag the selected picture onto your spreadsheet and place it wherever you want (You can move it later).  Once you have dragged the picture to the spreadsheet press the red circle in the top left hand corner of the Media Browser to close it.  You can resize your picture by dragging any corner of it to fit your needs.  


And there you have it!  You can now insert pictures to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with an efficient shortcut rather than searching the Insert menu for this function.  


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September 09, 2013

Hi Sarah,

The first thing I’d try is to go into Excel – Preferences which can be found on the top toolbar all the way to the left. From there go to View and make sure the For Objects, Show: is set to All.

If that doesn’t work I have a few questions:
1) Do you see the + icon when dragging the picture onto your spreadsheet?
2) Have you tried copying the image to your desktop, copying it, and then pasting it to your spreadsheet?

I’m thinking it could be the graphic type you are trying to insert. If that is the case you could take a screenshot (Command + Shift + 4) of the image and insert the screenshot of it.

Let me know if this still doesn’t work and I will investigate further for you!


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