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April 24, 2017


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We’re a team of problem solvers, world travelers, idea guys, and doers, working to make using Excel on a Mac a better experience.

That’s enough about us -- whether you are new to Excel for Mac or an experienced user, you probably want to spend less time manipulating data and more time thinking. The Excel Skin will help you do that. If you are a PC user hesitant about switching to Mac because you don’t want to give up your customized menus and shortcuts, well, the Excel Skin just might be the myth-buster you need. Excel for Mac is just as capable as it is for the PC. And with the Excel Skin, you’ll relearn your old shortcuts in no time.

The Excel Skin makes it easy to be as proficient and efficient in Excel for Mac as on any other platform. Powerful shortcuts are presented intuitively on an elegant silicone keyboard skin. Shortcut and modifier keys are printed by color and heat fused onto our high quality silicone to ensure durability.

The Excel Skin a small product that will make a big difference in your life.


Excel 2016 attempts to bridge the gap between Excel for Windows and Mac.

As many of you may have noticed, the vast majority of the shortcuts mirror each other on both operating systems. With this gap shortened a bit, here are a few tips that will make your life easier in Excel for Mac 2016. 

Formula Builder:

Formula Builder received a nice upgrade.  Instead of remember syntax, now you can simple click Shift + F3 to pop open the Formula Builder side bar.  This pop up will help you find the exact formula you'd like to insert, as well as walk you through the syntax step by step.  


Full Shortcut List:

As mentioned above, Windows and Mac key assignments are now quite similar.  Shortcuts like Ctrl+O for Open, Ctrl+F for Find and Ctrl+C for Copy now also work in the Mac version—no need to remember to press Cmd instead of Ctrl. If you want to clear the content of the selected cell or range, just press the delete key. This even works on your Mac laptops, where delete is actually the backspace key. Some popular shortcut keys are listed below; a complete list can be found here.

Touchbar Support:

The new Touchbar is now supported in Office for Mac 2016!  

Typing an equals sign into a cell in Excel immediately pulls up the most recently used functions in the Touch Bar. For example, with a tap (for the formula) and another tap (for a named range) in the Touch Bar, you can quickly sum a range in your spreadsheet. The Touch Bar also provides quick access to borders, cell colors and recommended charts—making it easier than ever to organize and visualize your data.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions! 


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