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April 30, 2017


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We’re a team of problem solvers, world travelers, idea guys, and doers, working to make using Excel on a Mac a better experience.

That’s enough about us -- whether you are new to Excel for Mac or an experienced user, you probably want to spend less time manipulating data and more time thinking. The Excel Skin will help you do that. If you are a PC user hesitant about switching to Mac because you don’t want to give up your customized menus and shortcuts, well, the Excel Skin just might be the myth-buster you need. Excel for Mac is just as capable as it is for the PC. And with the Excel Skin, you’ll relearn your old shortcuts in no time.

The Excel Skin makes it easy to be as proficient and efficient in Excel for Mac as on any other platform. Powerful shortcuts are presented intuitively on an elegant silicone keyboard skin. Shortcut and modifier keys are printed by color and heat fused onto our high quality silicone to ensure durability.

The Excel Skin a small product that will make a big difference in your life.


Have you noticed the window that pops up when you open Microsoft Excel? I usually ignore it and click on the blank “Excel Workbook” or just click the Cancel button so I can get started as fast as possible.

Lets take a second to explore the options of the Excel Workbook Gallery.

In the template list there is a plethora of different pre-loaded options.

Time Management Templates:

  • Multi-Page Calendar
  • One Page Calendar
  • Pros vs Cons
  • To-do List 

Business Essentials Template:

  • Consultant Time Tracker
  • Customer List
  • Inventory Tracker
  • Services Price List
  • Weekly Time Sheet 

Personal Finance Templates:

  • Household Budget
  • Loan Calculator
  • Wedding Budget

Business Finance Templates:

  • Business Budget
  • Expense Report
  • Invoice
  • Marketing Budget
  • Twelve Month Cash Flow
Graph Paper Templates:
  • 10x10 Grid
  • 5x5 Grid
  • Plain Grid Large
  • Plain Grid

Out of these templates, the Excel Skin team has a few favorites.


The Consultant Time Tracker is an awesome pre-made time sheet. You can even use this as a simple employee time tracker or as an invoice for customers.


The Household Budget is a bit more complex than I could handle for a budgeting spreadsheet, but if you want to keep track of all your spending with pre-made graphs included this is a gem.

Last but not least, everyone needs to keep track of wedding spending. The Wedding Budget template lets you add your desired budget, and even creates graphs on overall estimated costs. Don’t let your wedding go overboard!

Explore these templates and see how they can help you. Template creation is one of the biggest time consumers when building out your processes for business or personal use. 

As always, please let us know if you have any questions

The Excel Skin team is here to help!

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