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As you may know, Microsoft Excel is a great way of keeping track of basically anything. You can track your workouts, travel plans, packing list, holiday shopping, or even your diet.
In this blog post I will show you how I use Excel to track the type of Customer Support tickets I receive on a weekly basis.
My first workbook is the data center. In this workbook I add the number of times a criteria is applied to a label compared to the total number of tickets.

The next step is to make a chart for those that are a bit more visual. The second tab will be your bar graph, and the third tab will be the pie chart. The bar graph is a nice and easy graph for the number of times a label is applied, and the pie chart is more suitable for the percentages.

To set up a chart, click on the Charts tab in the toolbar.

This will bring you to a list of charts that you can create. Click on the one you want. In this case, I will do a vertical bar chart, or Column.

What appears is a blank screen where the chart will be.

Now we must designate the data we want in the chart. To do so, right click the blank window and click Select Data.

This will open a Select Data dialog box.

In this dialog box, we want to designate the data with the Chart data range: space. Click in the blank space, and then go to your data and select the range of data you wish to select.

Click OK when you are done selecting the data, and your chart will appear.

Please let us know if you have any questions, the Excel Skin team is here to help!