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Anytime you have column headers on your spreadsheet it is a good idea to make them visible at all times.  This helps you clearly see what the column is representing without having to memorize the headers.   There are no reasons to not use this trick, so here we go!  

Select the row immediately under the row you want to freeze at the top.  For example if you have row 1 filled in with the headers, select row 2. 

Now click on the Window menu bar at the top of your screen:

And select the Freeze Panes option 

Excel will place a bold line under the frozen column headers.  These headers now go everywhere with you until you go back to the Window menu and click on Unfreeze Panes.  


Notice Row 1 and Row 2 in the screenshot.

Now I will scroll down to Row 777 and we will find Row 1 right above it.

And there you have it! Now your column headers can follow you wherever you may travel on your spreadsheet.  


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