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Hyperlinks in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be extremely useful if used correctly.  Inserting hyperlinks that link to other documents, email addresses, or websites increases efficiency by cutting out the middleman, and linking straight to the source.  This is especially useful when sharing documents with others who may not know where to find those specific documents or email addresses without the hyperlink.   To save even more time we can use the “Hyperlink” shortcut, which opens the Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box.

Step 1: Select the cell you wish to insert a hyperlink in.

Step 2: Execute the “Hyperlink” shortcut.  The “Hyperlink” shortcut is found on the “K” key.  Glancing at our modifier keys we see that the “command” modifier key is the only key with the matching color of the “Hyperlink” text on the “K” key.  Therefore our shortcut is ⌘K:

Step 3: The Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box will pop up on your screen.  The first step in this dialog box is to choose whether the hyperlink will be a Web Page, Document, or Email Address.  For this example we will use a Web Page.  

In the Link to box enter the URL for a webpage that you want to link to.  

In the Display box enter the text you want to display in your active cell.

I entered in the Link to:, and in the Display: Search Engine.  After clicking OK the text I entered into the Display box appears as a hyperlink in my Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  

I can now click this hyperlink and it will direct my web browser to