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Undo the last action

This shortcut is a very basic but extremely useful shortcut.  Have you ever been working on something and accidentally pressed the wrong key, erasing everything in a split second?  After this brief tutorial you’ll be able to reverse this error in less time than it took to make it.

This shortcut relies on an error or mistake to occur.  For this example I am going to have a cell with data in it, which I “accidentally” delete. 

I have a basic AutoSum formula in the active cell, adding up 55 + 77.  Now I “accidentally” press a random key.

My AutoSum formula is replaced with z.  Have no fear! This is where our shortcut comes in handy.  With a simple 2 key shortcut, “command” + “Z”, the cell will be reverted back to its previous state.  


And the AutoSum formula is back without any questions!  This shortcut is extremely useful when you are zooming through a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and have no time to take your hands off the keyboard.  It is useful even in a casual environment when the shortcut is simply easier than finding the Undo button in the toolbar.  Whatever your application for the shortcut is, I have no doubt you will be using it often.