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Display the Print Dialog Box

How many times do you click File – Print in one day?  Well cut it out!  Here’s a quick one modifier key shortcut to bring up the Print Dialog Box and have you printing sooner.  

When you get to the point in your spreadsheet that you’d like to print execute this simple shortcut: 


This will pop open the Print Dialog Box:


From here you can accept the default printing options of Microsoft Excel for Mac and click the Print button in the bottom left (or just hit the Enter key).  If you do not like the default options you can mess around with the Page Setup… options in the bottom left corner.  I tend to switch my spreadsheet to Landscape view and try to fit all columns into 1 page, but that is a person preference.  

And there you have it!  No more scrolling to File – Print, now you can quickly pop open the Print Dialog Box and get your spreadsheet on paper.