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Selecting Everything

There will be times when selecting everything in the spreadsheet is necessary to format or move information elsewhere.  With this simple two-key shortcut Excel will highlight every single cell in the spreadsheet and wait for your next move.  

Step 1: Click any cell.  
This shortcut does not require a cell with any information to be selected.  All that is required is a cell in the spreadsheet. 

Step 2: The "Select All" shortcut is found on the "A" key of our Excel Skin's.  The "Select All" text is in a reddish purple so, just like all Excel shortcuts for Mac, we must look to our modifier keys.  The "Command" modifier key is the only one with the same colors as the "Select All" text so we have successfully found both the required shortcut keys.  

The result:

Now you can do as you please with your data.  I use this shortcut most often to copy a whole spreadsheet into another spreadsheet or when I need to apply a specific format to every number in my spreadsheet such as the currency format discussed in the last blog post. It can also be used to simply clear the spreadsheet of all data by using the clear content.