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Skip to the edge of the current data region

The title seems daunting, but this shortcut is in my Top 5 favorite Microsoft Excel shortcuts.  What it does is scrolls you to the last cell with data in the row or column that you’re in.  Gone are the days of scrolling around your spreadsheet trying to find that last cell in the column.  Now you can execute this shortcut and be zoomed right to the end.  

For this shortcut you will need data in neighboring cells as seen below: 

Execute the shortcut.  In this instance I will execute the shortcut with the Up arrow to bring me to the cell with 1 in it, but it can be executed in any direction.  


This shortcut is absolutely amazing for moving around your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet quickly and accurately.  You can jump from data groups to data groups as long as there is a space in between the 2 to stop you. Give it a try, it’s extremely easy to get use to!