What version of Excel for Mac is the Excel Skin designed for?

The Excel Skin is designed for Excel for Mac 2011. There is significant backwards compatibility with shortcuts, however, if you are serious about being proficient and efficient in Excel, we recommend Excel for Mac 2011.

Does the Excel Skin include every Excel for Mac shortcut?

No. There are over two hundred keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel 2011 and including them all would undermine our goal of making it easy to become more proficient and efficient in Microsoft Excel. We included what our research indicated were the most useful Excel shortcuts for students and professionals. Most of these Excel shortcuts are not well known, which is why our customers are consistently surprised and delighted.

How were the Excel Skin’s shortcuts selected?

At business school most of our peers have spent a lot of time in Excel (understatement). So we simply asked the experts. As a result, the Excel Skin's shortcuts emphasize data manipulation, formula entry, formatting, and navigation. Our incredible customers are our best source of feedback, so if you have constructive input, please let us know.

Is the Excel Skin compatible with my Mac?

The Excel Skin fits all recent generation US and ISO (European) Mac keyboards except the 11" Macbook Air. These include all unibody (late-2009 and 2010 depending on model) Macbook Pros, Macbook Pros with Retina, 13" Macbook Airs, and Apple's thin wireless keyboard.

Who Created the Excel Skin?

The Excel Skin was created by a Harvard MBA student. During his pre-MBA career in the New York design industry, he saw that creative professionals regularly used custom keyboard skins to learn new software applications more quickly. At business school, it was clear that proficiency and efficiency in Excel meant time savings that was measured in hours, not minutes. Running Windows on a Mac was slow and unwieldy, and doing so didn't equate to gains in productivity. 
Thus Andrew created the Excel Skin: a simple product that shortens the learning curve for anyone who wants to master Excel on their Mac. 

Is there a PC version?

A PC version of the Excel Skin™ is on indefinite hold in research and development. The problem with a PC version is that there are so many keyboard layout varieties that it's difficult to maintain quality at a reasonable cost. That being said, we hear your feedback and haven't forgotten about it.

Where do Excel Skins come from?

If there is one thing we learned in business school, it’s that collaboration creates better results. When we set out to develop the Excel Skin, we looked for an experienced partner who could help us create the best keyboard skins on the market. KB Covers is just such a partner. Not only have they been a leader in keyboard covers for years,  but they’ve been wonderful to work with. If you are interested solutions for other applications, please check out their website.

What is the status of my order?

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