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Wall Street Training

We're excited about WST’s Self-Study Program. These well-designed Excel-based courses specialize in advanced and complex financial modeling, valuation modeling, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions and leveraged buyout training topics. 

All courses feature extensive use of vital shortcut keys and come with a custom WST Macros Add-In to keep you as efficient as possible. Remember: "Work smart, not hard." Financial modeling power users adhere to a strict no-mouse rule when working on a spreadsheet.

  • No boring text-based Q&A lessons; WST covers the 20 relevant pages from your 400-page textbook.
  • Open Excel at the same time as your web browser and follow along with the instructor, using the blank modeling templates and supplementary materials provided.
  • Self-study courses offer the same content used for training corporate clients in person, using real case studies with actual historical data.
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