Excel Skin

The Excel Skin™ makes it easy to be proficient and efficient on Excel for Mac. Powerful shortcuts are presented intuitively on a comfortable silicone keyboard cover. Shortcut and modifier keys are color-coded, so even advanced combinations are clear and easy to execute.


  • NEW: Updated version for Office 2016.
  • Color-coded modifier and shortcut keys for Mac Excel are quick and easy to learn
  • Time-saving Excel shortcuts have been handpicked by power users from Wall Street, top consulting firms, and MBA students at Harvard Business School
  • Made from super thin silicone and treated with an anti-dust coating for the best possible typing experience
  • Protects your keyboard from dust, debris, and spills. 
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Works with US and ISO keyboard layouts.


  • Fits unibody Macbook Pro and 13" Macbook Air laptops. Not compatible with late 2016-models yet.
  • Compatible with Retina models and Apple's thin wireless keyboard. 
  • Full-size version now available for Apple's ultra-thin wired keyboard.
  • NOTE: The Excel Skin is not compatible with the 11" Macbook Air, the new 12" Macbook, or the rechargeable Magic Keyboard. Updates pending.

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Type: Apple Accessory